Monday, February 18, 2008

Stalker Hi-Jacks Blogs to Promote Hatred of Caruso

Another blogger fell victim this past weekend to David Caruso's indicted Austrian stalker. As she has done many times over, Caruso's stalker hi-jacked the comments section of NoWaterMark.Net. After the blog owner's post containing photos of David Caruso showed up in the Blog Feeds, the stalker raced over to his site to post the following negative comment:

Comment by Vixen on February 17, 2008 @ 11:01 am
"Collecting the latest adult magazines he ordered?"

Out of 14 comments posted on this blog, 9 of them were posted by the stalker commenting as Vixen, Sammy and Joe. The stalker uses multiple screen names to give the FALSE impression that she has like-minded Caruso haters who just happen to show up at the same time she is posting. Go figure!

The remaining 5 comments were posted by me. Had I not stopped posting, this back and forth with the stalker would have continued until the blog owner was forced to shut down the comments. Each and every time this happens, blog owners are obliged to take drastic measures, short of deleting their blogs, to rid themselves of the uninvited stalker.

Let this serve as a WARNING to any and all blog owners who deign to publish something remotely related to David Caruso--your blog is subject to being hi-jacked by David Caruso's stalker. If anyone posts a differing opinion, she will battle them to the death in order to have the last post.

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