Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Stalker Scorned

David Caruso's stalker does not take rejection well as evidenced by her on-going hate campaign. Recently she has stepped up her efforts to libel and defame Caruso by assaulting other blogs with comments designed to perpetuate her daily rumors. Acting out of desperation for attention and recognition, she has also been peppering the titles of her posts with obscenities and making sure they stay at the top of other celebrity sites. This stalker sustains her very life by the stat counts on her own blogs. When the hits take a nosedive, as they have over the last several months, the Stalker goes into overdrive. Rejected both by David Caruso and fans she sought to turn against him, this Austrian woman has taken rejection to a whole new level.

What happened to this stalker that made her go off the deep end? If one is to believe unconfirmed reports, the stalker allegedly approached David Caruso at a Miami bar a couple of years ago. That was prior to U.S. Immigration banning her from entering the United States. Presenting the actor with an explicitly sexual overture, she was summarily REJECTED by the object of her desire and obsession. Prior to this encounter, she worshiped David Caruso and posted complimentary items about him on the Internet.

After David Caruso had not only the good sense, but good taste to decline her advances, the stalker set out to publicly defame him. Using the Internet as her weapon, the stalker daily posts multiple headline grabbing lies and innuendos in an effort to destroy Caruso's reputation with his fans, friends, family and professional associates.

And since David Caruso has always maintained a very low profile, paparazzi seeking stories and gossip about the actor have been presented with an overwhelming challenge. David Caruso is just another regular guy who happens to pursue a livelihood as an actor. Caruso does not seek out the cameras and rumormongers. Without photos or any hard evidence of Caruso's comings and goings, the stalker has been unable to determine with any certainty what is going on in his private life. Does anyone, besides the deranged Austrian stalker, even care?

No! And that is what drives this woman to desperation. She has become an Internet Joke. Hell hath no fury like a stalker scorned!

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Anonymous said...

Well, she-who-must-not-be-named is jealous and sick up in the head as we all know. Paparazzi shouldnt be doing that should they? i know its there job but i dont support anything peeking in a social life of a celebrity its not fair to the celeb! i mean its just that i dont feel there should be a paparazzi. they should leave the celebs alone.
~CSIfreak191 and LTOBB!

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