Monday, April 14, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber Re-Invents Herself

Following the recent positive identification of Gabriele Huber as the Austrian woman responsible for stalking and threatening David Caruso, Huber has stepped up her denials and diversion efforts. Now that the Internet world knows the name behind this deranged woman, the pseudonyms which she uses are changing daily and her attacks on others have increased two fold. Challenge Huber and be prepared for a defensive response and attack that doesn't even address the topic or question posed to her. Here is a list of Huber's latest pseudonyms:

"Jen", "Anonymous"
"Eva", "Christina", "Adam", "Francis", "INSIDER", "Sara", "Miss Caine"

Compounding matters for anyone who tracks Huber is the fact that she is playing both sides of the fence giving the illusion that she is having a conversation with others. Huber is having a particularly difficult time though defending Vipix's latest statement about the existence of a "brunette" absent any supporting photographs. And now Huber's BFF Sebastian has said it could "take weeks or months" before he is able to produce a photo of the alleged mystery woman. Don't be fooled. This is simply Huber and Sebastians' "string them along to keep them reading my trash" tactic.

Huber's latest scheme is summed up best by the following comment from Manpaper:

"What on earth are YOU reading, Vixen? [pseudonym for Gabriele Huber]Josie mentioned nothing about Caruso and anybody. You seem to forget everyone can read ALL comments; easy enough to determine how insane you are. Only you could twist personal ridicule of you into a defense of Caruso - NO CORRELATION THERE. I'm noticing it's not just Josie. ANY negative comment directed at you is twisted, by you, into a defense of Caruso. Even those who agree with you condemn you and your assaults/insults. Your "C lister" made front page in your favorite paper? How could that happen? No one's interested in Caruso? Why over 1,000 comments over 1 photo on a website? You and your death threats and internet propoganda have promoted Caruso's popularity and put you and your photo in NE. Aren't you proud? What's your new goal? Insult anyone not agreeing with you? Ridicule someone's name? nationality? race? Refuse to dialogue with anyone who doesn't agree with you? Refuse to address questions to you? Repeat the same, tired messages over and over, as a response to a legitimate comment. Trumpet a new rumor? Rerun the old rumors? You've done that. TALK ABOUT A 1 TRICK PONY!!! "posted by "Renna"
If I have missed any pseudonyms please e-mail me or leave in the comments section.

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