Saturday, April 19, 2008

David Caruso - Has Gabriele Huber Fled Austria?

This past week has been interesting in many ways. I have received numerous e-mails from people claiming to have at least a working knowledge of Austrian law. Weeding through them, including the fakes from Gabriele, I have learned something about how the Austrian legal system operates. Many who wrote have told me that Austria has recently enacted very tough anti-stalking laws and when Gabriele is finally apprehended, she will face not only the original stalking charges, but she will also be facing additional charges for fleeing. If she is convicted on the stalking charges, she could receive a maximum sentence of three years in the slammer. If found guilty of fleeing, Huber will face additional time that will be tacked on to her stalking sentence.

Any attorney worth his salt knows how to contact his client at all times. Dr. Gunther Gast, who represents Gabriele Huber, may very well be trying to convince her to turn herself in. The longer Gabriele avoids the inevitable and remains at large, the less inclined a Judge will be to impose a lighter sentence. Gabriele too may be trying to negotiate the best possible outcome for herself in this situation. Huber continues to hit this blog from countries other than Austria and that is disturbing.

Worst case scenario, as mentioned here yesterday, Gabriele may very well have decided to leave her mother country for good taking up residence in one that does not have a formal extradition treaty with Austria. If that is the case, then Austrian prosecutors may well be up that proverbial creek. Let's hope for the sake of David Caruso and his family that is not the case.

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