Friday, April 18, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Remains on the Lam

Last September, I had to travel to Europe on business and at the time I remember German authorities searching for a suspected terrorist ring. Within a matter of days, three people were taken into custody and the story made international news. Now this week, we have a situation where an indicted woman charged with stalking and threatening to murder David Caruso has managed to jump bail failing to appear for her court date. Grant this case does not involve known terrorists and may not be as high priority, but it appears that Austrian authorities have their hands tied. How could it be so difficult to track down a second-rate stalker whose main weapon is her laptop?

Today, Gabriele has hit this blog multiple times every hour or so. I can clearly see the same information that authorities can see. And not only can the authorities see it, they possess much more sophisticated equipment to track her.

Although it remains unknown whether or not Gabriele has succeeded in fleeing Austria, if she has, how did she get past airport security? After pulling a similar stunt last summer, surely Austrian authorities would have considered her a flight risk requiring the forfeiture of her passport. Or did someone close to Gabriele aid and abet her escape perhaps hiding her in the trunk of an automobile as they crossed a border?

In reality, the Austrians are probably keeping things close to the vest as most law enforcement agencies do when trying to capture someone who has fled their jurisdiction. It is usually standard procedure not to comment on a matter in an ongoing investigation.

At the moment, authorities have the advantage of waiting Gabriele out. Unless she has an accomplice who is funding her illegal activities, eventually she will be located and brought to justice. That is providing she has not managed to enter another country that does not have an extradition treaty with Austria and where she might seek asylum.

How will it all end? The Innsbruck Big House awaits and so do we.


Anonymous said...

Is it weird that I'm flattered that she posted on my little ol' blog? lol
Whatevs. Thanks for letting me know though!

Jester said...

She is seeking more intelligent life. Apparently the clothes hanger and mounted umbrella and pointing the finger to the sky whilst saying "ET home" didn't work. They drove right by, Miami style!

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