Thursday, April 17, 2008

David Caruso - The Big House Awaits Gabriele

Realizing that she will soon be captured, either that or surrender, Gabriele Huber is making one last ditch effort to slander and defame David Caruso before she goes down on stalking charges. Much like the Iraqi troops did while retreating from Kuwait during the Gulf War when they set fire to countless oil wells, Huber is lighting her own brand of fire on the Internet prior to her arrest. Internet sites are literally being burned with hate and libel during Huber's last moments as a free woman.

On Monday of this week, knowing that she had an upcoming trial date, Huber went into hiding. There are few if any posts from Huber on Zimbio or Digg for that day, April 14. Her Internet activity on Monday was limited to the early morning hours and was virtually non-existent. Fleeing from justice was Huber's focus on Monday.

Having been diagnosed with a "profound personality disorder", Huber is more than likely hiding out where she can watch all of this unfold in the media and on the television. After all, Huber is a classic example of a narcissist who loves to read and hear about herself.

Enjoy it while you can Gabriele because you're riding on borrowed time. And by the way, you won't be needing your laptop in the Big House.

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Anonymous said...

*happy dance*
she finally goin' down! she finally going' down! ive been waiting for this day to come!
~ CSIFreak191 ~

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