Wednesday, April 16, 2008

David Caruso - Stalker Thumbs Her Nose at Austrian Police

As reported here earlier, The Associated Press reports that Gabriele Huber, Caruso's indicted Austrian stalker, failed to appear for her trial on charges that she stalked and threatened to murder David Caruso. The story adds that Huber fled armed with her laptop.

And armed she is. Posting as "Vixen", "DiamondsandHearts", "Dixiebabe", "Carmen", "KillerQueen2", "StealthQueen", "Eva" and "DavidCaruso," Huber has spent most of the day hitting every blog, fan site and board under the pretense that she is simply another innocent bystander just as interested in the outcome of this story as anyone else. Her ruse is just that. The authorities can and will catch up with her. Gabriele has left a very sloppy cyber-trail in her wake that will aid in her capture.

Whenever Gabriele gets backed into a corner and she's in a big jam now, she always plays the innocent act to the hilt. "Who me?" she'll respond or better yet, "not me." While in hiding, Gabriele is loving the publicity and has been on the Internet all day waiting for her RSS feeds to update with the most current information on herself.

This blog alone has had nearly one hundred hits from Gabriele in the last twelve hours. Why? What is she searching for? Is she on the lam in Mexico again, sleeping on a lice-infested mattress begging for money on the Internet much like she did last summer when she pulled a similar stunt? Or is she hiding out in Austria? On Monday, Gabriele's Internet activity was limited to the early morning hours. Was she traveling perhaps?
Was it all worth it Gabriele? Better sleep with one eye open tonight. You are a marked woman now!

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sara!

First I want to say - you do a great job! Second...I'm from Austria and ashamed, that our country get's world press, bacause of such a freak.

Just one "correction"...Gabriele Huber is accused for "threat to life or physical condition" - stalking is another elemnt of crime in the austrian legislation. I hope they'll take her to an instituion we call "asylum for mental abnormal lawbreakers"...

All the best :-)

Anonymous said...

sara you go girl...from furrymom1 H rules jeanne

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