Thursday, July 10, 2008

David Caruso - Stalker Abandons Daughter for Life of Crime

Note: On Feb. 19, 2009 Heidemarie Schnitzer was captured and arrested by Tijuana police. Within weeks she was deported to Austria where she stood trial on April 14, 2009. After being found guilty of stalking and sending death threats to David Caruso, Judge Guenther Boehler sentenced her to prison for 7 months. Following her incarceration, she was transferred to a mental facility for an undisclosed period of time.

How many times have we seen posts by Heidemarie Schnitzer criticizing David Caruso's parenting skills? Too often to mention. And we're not sure on what the psycho Austrian bases her claims. Over the last several years, many photos of Caruso with his children have been published by media outlets worldwide. There have NEVER been any reports of neglect or abandonment on the part of David Caruso. Quite the contrary, snapshots of David with Greta and Marquez show a loving father spending time with his children. Yet his stalker never misses an opportunity to slander and libel Caruso's parenting. Here's one of Schnitzer's slanderous articles from Zimbio titled:
"David Caruso - Doting Dad ? Really?":

" doting Dad to two toddlers (MAC 2,5 years and Paloma, 8-months), plus georgous daugther Greta (with former 2-cnd wife, actress Rachel Ticotin)..."Hmhhh.....doting Dad?Doting Dad means putting the children FIRST .We haven't seen much of the alleged "doting Dad" lately, have we?In previous years David Caruso delighted in spending hiatus WITH his son, Marquez Anthony, on Miami Beach. In interviews he never tires to tell the world "how important his kids are to him."...Well, talk...This year the family vacation was obviously cancelled. No fun in the sun and on the beach for the children. Instead we got to see the "meet the tart"-show. Father's Day was spent in Rome - without the kids. Then off to Miami to relax and parade background-tart/bed bunny Amina Islam in front of the paprazzi. Then back to LA to a quick photo-op with Mac in a park. Doting Dad? Maybe.We are more comfortable with the term "show-off" Dad. Besides, we only see "Doting Dad" David Caruso out on playdates with ONE toddler.Daugther Paloma is regularily MIA. Already 8-month-old the kid would enjoy a few hours out to the park too. Other celeb fathers do it regularily. But not doting Dad David Caruso.People start wondering why pictures of David Caruso and his youngest child are non-existent.Last but not least, rumors won't die down that the Exes /parents are having issues re: the tart. Understandable. No mother would want her children around her ex-partners new bed bunny...Doting Dad....

It's high time we examine the stalker's track record where her own daughter is concerned and see the many times she's put her daughter first. Schnitzer has a daughter whose age we would estimate being around 8 or 9 years old. For the last three years of this child's life probably more, her Mother has been obsessed with stalking David Caruso. This 24/7 all consuming behavior has taken a sad toll on this young child. No fun in the sun or a day at the beach with Mom for this little girl.

How often has this sweet little girl asked, "where's mommy?" when she wanted to be tucked in at bedtime? How often did Schnitzer's daughter asked to be fed only to be shooed away so Mom could surf the Internet for sites to post disparaging remarks and lies about David Caruso? How often did this beautiful little girl ask, "Mommy, can we go to the park?" No playdates, birthday parties or holidays with Mom for this child. Instead, Heidemarie Schnitzer has abandoned and neglected her own daughter in pursuit of a life of crime.

One can only imagine the psychological damage this child has suffered at the hands of a mother who chose celebrity stalking over being a responsible parent. Thankfully for this child's sake, Austrian child protective services probably intervened forcing Schnitzer to relinquish her parental rights. Heidemarie Schnitzer, the doting Mom, might want to check her own backyard before she accuses David Caruso of not being a good parent. Finally, we must ask, was it worth it?

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