Wednesday, July 9, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele's Denials Confirm Photo is Her

[Note: Gabriel Huber is the pseudonym used by Austrian media to refer to Heidemarie Schnitzer prior to her April 14, 2009 conviction]
Yesterday this site published the above photos of David Caruso's stalker, speculating that the photo on the left was indeed David Caruso's stalker. As predicted, when Gabriele Huber's Internet access became available in her spider hole, she went into triple overtime vehemently denying these images were her. Does that mean the woman posting the denials IS Caruso's stalker but the photos aren't? Huber also denied using the pseudonyms Vixen, Anonymous, and QB2die4 as well to post these denials. As Frank Tripp would say, honey that's a "felony stupid."
Deny, deny, deny. The question now begs, if Gabriele is not the woman in the above photos, why bother to comment? Why all of the outrage? Nowhere was "Vixen", "Anonymous," or "QB2die4" ever named as the woman in the above photo. But all day yesterday, Huber posted denials under these pseudonyms. These denials have continued today as well.
We are not sure from whom Gabriele receives legal advice however any reputable attorney would have advised her long ago to keep her mouth shut. But Gabriele Huber seems incapable of following her attorney's advice. Apparently she doesn't realize that the more she denies this, the more guilty she looks. She alone has provided clear and irrefutable evidence that these photos are indeed pictures of herself. The Internet which she has so skillfully used as her own personal hide-out to slander and libel David Caruso is now being used to expose her criminal activities.
Gabriele Huber's constant denials in response to the publishing of the above photo sunk to an all-time new low when she stole this blogger's screen name and used it to post the website where the 2003 photo had been posted originally. A website that neither The Stalker Chronicles nor this blogger posted out of respect for the stalker's minor daughter. Does Gabriele have a death wish? Posting the website is only going to draw more attention to herself enabling law enforcement's efforts to capture her.
I think we all would agree that slandering and libeling a celebrity is atrocious behavior deserving of punishment. But Huber's exposure of her innocent minor daughter to the negative publicity generated by her criminal behavior is at best beyond comprehension. In fact, it calls for an additional evaluation by Karin Treichl.
Gabriele Huber remains at large wanted for threatening to murder David Caruso. She is armed and considered to be extremely dangerous. Do not attempt to apprehend this woman. Contact your local FBI or Austria's Bundeskriminalamt at +43-(0)1-531 26-0.


lacy said...

Sara - congratulations in finding this picture! will you share the link? i would not post the child either.

lacy said...

Found it. wow, sad stuff. Cute kid, hag-faced bitch mother.

Good on you, though, for your diligence. Smart girl!

Lindy said...


Anyone with an ounce of nouse, anyone with more than one neuron left in their addled head, anyone with a single grain of empathy and respect for others, anyone who doesn’t spend 24/7 reading every RSS feed on David Caruso, copying and pasting, twisting and manipulating, rumor-mongering and generating, maligning and denigrating he and those in his life, will know that there is ONLY ONE PERSON capable of twisting and manipulating information about a distant web-site that may or may not expose her despicable presence on this earth. There is only ONE PERSON who would even dare to post that web-site’s details and blame it on another. I don’t need to mention names. Any reader knows that SaraKanne, as an avid David Caruso admirer, also HAS BOUNDARIES. On the other hand, QB2DIE4 (todays name) with her many preposterous and despicable sites, has no such boundaries and has proven OVER AND OVER again that she will do ANYTHING to present herself as the innocent blogger who “just wants to express an opinion” whilst shooting down anyone in her way with her scandalous claptrap. Her final defense, as always, is to return your comment back to you from her. Let’s not kid ourselves here. She is as transparent as a plate glass window with a brain that wouldn’t emit a single wave on an EEG.

Sara said...

What still gets me about this whole thing is not so much that she stalks David Caruso, but that she threw her life away with her daughter. Now she's on the lam and her child is motherless. That says it all.

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