Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Caruso Stalker Heads To Prison Following Guilty Verdict

Heidemarie Schnitzer, the mentally unbalanced Austrian woman who stalked and threatened to murder David Caruso, Greta Caruso and Liza Marquez was found guilty earlier today by an Austrian court. Schnitzer was sentenced to seven months in prison followed by additional time to be served in a mental facility. After serving out her jail sentence, Schnitzer will be relocated to a mental institution for abnormal criminals. Judge Boehler added the psychotheraphy time to Schnitzer's sentence out of fear Schnitzer would commit further crimes. Schnitzer's attorney, Andreas Grabenweger, plans to appeal the verdict. Above photos courtesy of Tirol's online service and TT.com.

During the trial, Dr. Karin Treichl testified that Schnitzer suffered from "strong narcissistic and anti-social characteristics" as evidenced by Schnitzer's trivializing her acts and incidents of the past. Treichl stated that Schnitzer used her surroundings to manipulate people and maintain a parasitic lifestyle after she fled to Mexico. Treichl went on to testify that fears remain high Schnitzer could commit serious offenses if released.

Prosecutor Karin Schiffmann successfully argued that Schnitzer felt "entitled" to attention after sending 120 letters to David Caruso and fleeing to Mexico to be near the actor without being within direct reach of American authorities. Judge Boehler stated during the proceedings that David Caruso had felt "fear" upon learning he was being stalked. Presenting evidence of fear on the part of the victim is a necessary element of proof of stalking.

For the time being, Schnitzer is in prison where she belongs. For an English translation of today's proceedings, please see The Austrian Times.
For those desiring more information on Austrian legal procedure see this excellent link.

Other sources:
Wiener Zeitung


Lindy said...

Woo HOOOOOooooooooooooo!

Wow! That was much better than I had expected Sara !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lindy said...

How close was I with THAT diagnosis. Any time Karen! Any time! Woo HOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo!
No flies on me!

Sara said...

You're a very observant woman Lindy. You knew all along that Schnitzer was an extremely troubled woman.

The sentence is fantastic news: She'll be in prison for 7 months followed by an incarceration in a mental facility for "abnormal criminals." It's too early for champagne, but I will be definitely raising a glass later today.

Riiviƶ said...

I can't help but say;
who LOL's now?

Sara said...

And *yawning* too.

I cannot help but remember all of Schnitzer's screaming denials when we published her name, photo and pictures of her children. And today it was all confirmed.

I hope Schnitzer responds positively to the psychiatric care, but I have my some serious doubts.

Corpuschristie said...

Well I will say one thing for the Austrians. When they actually keep hold of their felons they don't hang about in dispensing justice.

Sara said...

Yes, talk about exercising one's right to a speedy trial! But keep in mind she failed to appear for the first two court dates so this hearing was simply a continuation.

I am attempting to get more specific details about the psychiatric detention that follows Schnitzer's 7 month jail term. It's almost midnight in Austria so maybe we'll know more tomorrow.

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