Thursday, June 5, 2008

David Caruso - Where in the World is Gabriele Huber?

Like yesterday, this site again today is being pummeled with numerous hits by David Caruso's fugitive Austrian stalker, Gabriele Huber. In fact, Huber has already hit this site from her Austrian i.p. address nearly 200 times in the last 24 hours. Some of those visits have been lengthy as well. Yes folks, it appears highly likely that Gabriele, at some point, may have finally returned to Austria to face the music. Why all of the heavy interest in this site, one that Gabriele already visits multiple times on a normal day, remains to be seen however.

With limited details on the case pending against Huber, it is difficult to determine with any certainty what exactly is going on. Huber is obviously working the Austrian legal system to her advantage having now missed two court dates. More surprising, is how Austrian prosecutors appear to have turned a blind eye and enabled Huber to thumb her nose at the law. Huber's first court appearance would have been the arraignment that she famously missed last summer. It's highly likely this was rescheduled, with the date and disposition of the case never being reported in the press.

Presumably Gabriele would have pleaded not guilty at any arraignment hearing and a future trial date would have been set. Prior to her trial scheduled for April 16, 2008, it appears that Gabriele decided to take another 90 day trip outside Austria. Did Gabriele initially head to the neighboring country of Hungary, where during her stay, the inspiration for Vipix's "Eva" was born? Shortly after the press reported Huber had fled, this blog had regular hits from Hungary which in recent weeks have all but disappeared.

Vipix readers of course will remember the Hungarian "Eva" and her unintelligible struggles with the English language. This blogger maintains that "Eva" was simply another one of Huber's many aliases designed to promote the illusion of support and further Huber's ruse on the Internet public. Any translation software could have afforded the same desired effect to deceive the reader.

Next, it appears that Huber may have spent some time in Mexico as there were numerous hits from that country especially with German translations. Other bloggers have confirmed this fact as well. A cautionary tale for those who remain convinced that Gabriele is still in Mexico though. Huber can disguise her location at a moment's notice with any proxy server. We all know how Huber has appeared to be posting from the U.K., Australia and even Texas when disrupting the threads on Topix.

If Huber has indeed returned to her homeland, this is a welcome development. Surely the woman has been advised of the legal consequences of her flight and one would hope that Huber would take any such advice to heart. However, with someone as seriously afflicted with psychosis as Huber seems to be, reasoning with her may be an exercise in futility. As always, stay tuned.

Gabriele Huber remains at large wanted for threatening to murder David Caruso. She is armed and considered to be extremely dangerous. Do not attempt to apprehend this woman. Contact your local FBI or Austria's Bundeskriminalamt at +43-(0)1-531 26-0.


Anonymous said...

She's messin with you Sara. Gabby is probably manipulating hits to your blog to throw you off.

Sara said...

No doubt. She was one of the first to hit this blog after I pushed "publish." And Huber, posting as "Dixiebabe" has already weighed in on IMDb with the following. Note how she mentions the use of proxy servers:

[i] "Exactly. I just had a good laugh. Sarakanne is obsessed with Gabriele Hubers's IP address - or the one she claims is Gabriele Huber's IP address. Every retard on this planet knows that IP addresses can be masked, changes, proxied etc.
Her latest blurb just shows how ignorant she is. She has NO CLUE at all. But didn't we already all know that?" [/i]

The question begs: If you are not Gabriele, why even bother to comment?

Anonymous said...

VixenHunter, in my opinion, Gabby is staging this whole affair. The ugly stalker probably hiding on a pirate ship in the English Channel. Peace out and God Bless, take care every1 and stay safe.
CSI:Miami rocks!

shannon said...

Naw, Cuba, that's it, she hanging out with Raul Castro.

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