Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stalker's 1994 Conviction For Threatening Ex-Boyfriend

The Stalker Chronicles regrets that we erroneously reported that David Caruso's stalker was a first-time offender. We have now received credible information confirming that Heidemarie Schnitzer was convicted in 1994 for threatening an ex-boyfriend. Not only has Schnitzer had a previous conviction, she told her attorney she was capable of a "killing spree". In fact, Judge Guenther Boehler took her prior conviction into consideration when he pronounced sentencing following Tuesday's trial. Schnitzer's attorney objected citing evidence the fifteen year-old conviction was time barred.

Most media outlets are only reporting that Schnitzer will serve a seven month sentence in prison. This is highly inaccurate. What news services have failed to report is the fact that once Schnitzer completes that portion of her sentence, she will be incarcerated in a mental institution where she will undergo psychiatric observation for an undisclosed period of time. Schnitzer may not be released until as early as January 2011.

We applaud Judge Boehler for taking a tough stance with Heidemarie Schnitzer. This recent disclosure suggests an established pattern for making threats whenever Schnitzer suffers rejection. Psychiatric care is desperately needed for Caruso's stalker and the longer she remains under the care of a medical professional, the safer society will be.

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