Thursday, February 26, 2009

David Caruso - Stalker, A Former Nurse, Could Go On Trial As Early As May

After learning that David Caruso's stalker had been arrested a week ago, we contacted our friend Marcus J. Oswald who maintains an Austrian blog. Last summer, Mr. Oswald ran a story about Heidemarie Schnitzer that confirmed, among other things, that Schnitzer had abandoned not one, but two children.

Oswald recently updated his blog reporting Schnitzer's recent arrest. Oswald not only shed quite a bit of light on the legal process she will be facing, but we have also learned some new details about the accused. Seems Heidemarie Schnitzer was formerly employed as a nurse.

He also shed some more details about Schnitzer's February 19, 2009 arrest. Following her detainment last Thursday night, she contacted Austria's Embassy in Mexico requesting a lawyer. If we are reading the translation correctly, it sounds like Schnitzer chatted up Werner Druml, the Austrian Ambassador to Mexico, mentioning how they both had origins in the same area of Austria. Guess a little diplomacy never hurts when one is forced to go crawling to their embassy after being nabbed by a foreign government.

The good news is Schnitzer will remain in prison for the next two months at which time a trial date will be set. Oswald predicts that the trial may take place on or about May 7, 2009. Schnitzer stands charged with stalking David Caruso, by spatial proximity and stalking him using telecommunications equipment, i.e. the Internet. She is also charged with threatening Caruso's life. Hmmmm, what happened to the charges for fleeing to avoid prosecution?

Now for the bad news. Schnitzer is a first-time offender and will more than likely receive a sentence of 15 months at the most. Half of that will be probation and Oswald is predicting she will be a free woman by September 1, 2009 after she is credited for time already served while awaiting trial. Unless Schnitzer receives some serious mental intervention between now and the time of her release, The Stalker Chronicles predicts she'll be back on the Internet within hours after she leaves prison. Knowing she has paid her dues to society, Schnitzer will pick up where she left off on February 19 waging her 24/7 non-stop hate-David Caruso Internet campaign. As long as she doesn't break the law, freedom of speech will be her mantra.

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CarusoCrusader said...

Blah, I knew something like this will happen.
You are right though, as where are the charges for her "flight".
If she does make her 9/1/09 date, rest assured I will be watching...

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