Thursday, April 16, 2009

Caruso Stalker Threatened Attorney And An Ex-Boyfriend

During Tuesday's David Caruso stalker trial, startling testimony revealed that Heidemarie Schnitzer has a past history of making threats. Before she set her sights on David Caruso, Schnitzer threatened two other individuals.

Several Austrian news services are reporting that Schnitzer threatened not only an ex-boyfriend back in the 1990's but also made threats to an attorney. The details surrounding these revelations are sketchy at best and The Stalker Chronicles is attempting to get more information from our Austrian sources.

If these recent disclosures are true, Schnitzer's hopes for prevailing on appeal are in all likelihood unrealistic. On Tuesday, Judge Guenther Boehler sentenced Schnitzer to seven months in prison followed by commitment in a mental institution. Schnitzer will be closely observed by psychiatrists who will report her progess or lack thereof to the Court. If she responds positively to treatment, she could be released by January 2011.
The Austrian Times

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