Saturday, February 21, 2009

David Caruso - Schnitzer's Arrest Photo From Tijuana

Heidemarie Schnitzer
Arrested in Tijuana

The Stalker Chronicles wishes to graciously thank "TJ" for sending us the above photo of David Caruso's fugitive Austrian stalker taken as she was arrested in Tijuana on Thursday night. Here's the link for the paper where this was published.


Lindy said...

Hi Sara

I can't get that link but thank you for the photo.

Lindy said...

To see the two photos is tragic. Thank God she has been taken off the streets. She needs help of many kinds.

KRoseLynn said...

Wow, she looks thin and pale.
Malnourished and sick.
Reflection of how she's been living for two and a half years I suppose.

My instinct is to feel sorry for her...but my brain, on the other hand....

Well, I have to say this, I hope she's treated fairly, but I also hope the punishment fits the crime.

I pray that the judge use his wisdom and that's he's fair and equitable in his judgement for her. He has to take into account that he skipped out on two scheduled court dates too, effectively wasting his and a lot of other peoples time. I'm sure she'll get more than the original two years, if he send her to jail, that is. And if he does send her to jail I think he should also deny her Internet access.

If he sends her to a mental hospital, I hope the doctors won't be fooled by her 'craft.' Like Keyser and a few others have been.

But, then again, it's not for me to decide her fate.

I wonder if David will send a representative to watch the trial.

Sara, just about every article I see on any news site I visit who've reported on this, has mentioned your blog.

I think that's cool. You deserve credit for all your work.

I also think it's cool that you did not hesitate to give proper credit to Dojo as well.

I'm proud to be counted among this group of people, even though my contributions pale in comparison to yours and Dojo's. But I think we've all shown just what kind of people we are. And that makes me proud to know all of you.

I happy for David, of course, but most of all, I'm happy for his children. Greta will remember. But Marquez and Paloma wont and all they will have to know is the story, and non of the fear that went along with it. I'm glad for that.

Hey, Sara, I'll look forward to your reports on Heidi's sentence.


Sara said...

Hi Lindy, I just tried the link and it's working here on my end. Try again. Maybe the site was busy. There's probably a lot of traffic on it since this happened.

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