Saturday, February 21, 2009

David Caruso - With Schnitzer Gone Happy Days Are Here Again

How nice to log-on to the Internet today and see absolutely no signs of Heidemarie Schnitzer's all consuming hatred of David Caruso, his children, the women he dates and his hit television show CSI: Miami. Her usual haunts are silent and appear to be back to normal. Two other blogs where Schnitzer managed to hoodwink the owners with her obtuse charade are baffled by her absence however. Schnitzer in her madness had those bloggers believing she was just another nice polite person posting benign comments. Will the fact that their dear beloved "Vixen" (pseudonym for Schnitzer) is MIA wake them up to who and what she really is?

Although the news of Schnitzer's arrest hit the wires mid-afternoon Friday in North America, most Europeans had just settled in for the evening. This morning the continent awoke learning of Schnitzer's fate. There is one major difference though between European and American media outlets. The European papers will not publish Schnitzer's name or photo due to strict privacy laws that protect her until time of conviction. Private bloggers however appear not to be under the same constraints.

Mexico's El Sol de Tijuana is reporting this morning that Schnitzer has been turned over to Immigration with Interpol scheduled to take custody of her later this weekend. Schnitzer will be flown back to Austria and jailed until time of trial. Now a known flight risk, bail will be out of the question. At the time of trial, Austrian prosecutors will attempt to prove that Schnitzer stalked, mailed a death threat to David Caruso, twice failed to appear for Court hearings and ultimately fled the jurisdiction to avoid prosecution.

For the time being, Schnitzer's Internet maelstrom has ceased and with any luck it will be permanent. Be forewarned though, many penal institutions have limited Internet access for inmates. The Internet could once again be subjected to this woman's mentally unbalanced diatribes albeit severely curtailed. But if Schnitzer receives the psychiatric care she so desperately needs, we can only hope we have seen the last of her.


Anonymous said...

woohoo..Sara this ia awesome news..the best news the fans could get..thank you my friend

Sara said...

Long hours and hard work always pays off in the end. I hope my efforts have brought peace of mind to David Caruso and his family. No one should ever have to endure a nightmare like this.

Maybe now Schnitzer will get the help she so desperately needs.

Lindy said...

Yes, lets hope so Sara.Thanks for the update.

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