Sunday, February 22, 2009

David Caruso - Stalker Arrested at Tijuana Hotel

According to this Austrian publication Kleine Zeitung, Heidemarie Schnitzer was arrested after Mexican authorities tracked her to a Tijuana hotel. Many of you may remember how Schnitzer recently advocated Wi Fi theft and it is strongly believed that authorities traced her location based on the i.p. address she was using. The Stalker Chronicles is pleased to report that we provided numerous tips to authorities including the i.p. addresses she was using and we are extremely proud to have been part of the capture of this mentally unbalanced woman.

However, we want to temper all of our enthusiasm with a reality check. Schnitzer can and eventually will gain access to the Internet again. Even in prison, inmates are allowed limited use of computers. When Schnitzer manages to get back on-line, we anticipate she will post ludicrous excuses for not being on the Internet, i.e. my computer was being repaired, I was sick, etc. She's also going to claim as she always has that she's not the stalker. Some people simply do not respond to therapy and are unable to be rehabilitated. The Stalker Chronicle strongly fears that Schnitzer may be one of them.

Our mission when we undertook this blog was simple: we wanted to see
Heidemarie Schnitzer brought to justice for threatening to murder three human beings. The Stalker Chronicles will be closing down as soon as we receive confirmation Schnitzer is back on Austrian soil. When she arrives in Austria, that mission will have been accomplished. If she escapes again and/or is released on some type of probation, The Stalker Chronicles will not continue to track her.

Shortly, Interpol will take custody of Schnitzer and coordinate efforts to deport her. As soon as we know Schnitzer is back in Austria we will report it here.

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Lindy said...

Yes, I had the same idea. However, I wonder if the authorities might not want to see or use tham???

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