Monday, April 28, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber, The Stalker That Keeps on Giving

Over the weekend, Austrian authorities freed a woman who had been kidnapped, raped and imprisoned by her own father for nearly 24 years. What a very tragic story. With that behind them now, perhaps Austria's Federal CIB can focus some of their efforts on reigning in Gabriele Huber, David Caruso's fugitive stalker and avert another tragedy. The longer Gabriele remains at large the more likely it is that she will attempt to illegally enter the U.S. Let's hope locating and bringing in Gabriele Huber does not take the Austrians another 24 years.

Both the FBI and CBS have already increased security at the CBS filming studios as well as for Mr. Caruso himself. This should provide the actor and his family with some peace of mind. What would really help though is if Austria's CIB would stop dragging its feet and capture Huber. How hard can it possibly be to find this two-bit stalker?

What a shame that Austria's arcane privacy laws prevent photos of a stalker from being published thereby limiting the public's ability to assist in the matter. Not only that, these ridiculous laws only aid and abet Gabriele's efforts to hide and remain on the lam. Had photos of Huber been posted on the Internet the day she fled, she probably would have already been incarcerated.

Wake up Austria! Gabriele Huber poses a clear and present danger to David Caruso and his family. What are you waiting for? Another tragedy? Again, we post the telephone number of Austria's CIB for those with legitimate information that could lead to the arrest and conviction of Gabriele Huber: +43-(0)1-531 26-0

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