Friday, March 21, 2008

David Caruso's Stalker, Gabriele Huber

Last summer, Austrian media sources reported that David Caruso's stalker, Gabriele Huber had been captured. After learning that she was about to be indicted for threatening to murder David Caruso and his companion Liza Marquez, Huber fled to Mexico. With the help of the FBI, Austrian authorities located Huber through her credit card usage and returned her to Austria. Fortunately for David Caruso and his family, our State Department has denied Huber entry into the U.S.

In November, The National Enquirer picked up on the story and published it in their November 12, 2007 issue on page 50. It seems that several years ago, Huber flew to Miami for the express purpose of stalking and locating David Caruso while he was shooting CSI Miami episodes. She attempted a hook-up with the actor in a Miami restaurant. When she ponied up to the bar where Caruso was sitting and offered him graphic sex, he took one look at her and had the good taste to decline. Following Caruso's rejection, Huber literally spiraled out of control and began mailing hundreds of letters to him demanding an autograph. When none was forthcoming, she went off the deep end and launched her Internet hate campaign against the actor. She has disparaged Caruso, his companion Liza Marquez and made pornographic suggestions about his two year-old toddler.

Inundating multiple sites, boards and forums hourly, seven days a week with salacious and malicious gossip and rumors, Huber almost succeeded in her single-handed efforts to destroy his reputation and subject him to public ridicule. That is, until his fans jumped in and started defending him with their own blogs, comments and fan sites. Now, not a day goes by that Huber's rumors and innuendos are not countered by Caruso's defenders.

In the meantime, Huber continues to flood the Internet with gossip, fabrications and out and out lies about Caruso's career, his private life and his character. If a blog mentions the words "David Caruso", Huber spams the comments section using multiple pseudonyms to disguise her identity and create the illusion that she has support for her hatred.
For the last four months, Huber has relentlessly pounded Internet sites with rumors about Caruso's personal life. When fans challenged her allegations demanding proof, she ultimately abandoned the rumor in favor of her current one that has Caruso supposedly behaving badly on the set of CSI Miami. The latest rumor has absolutely no veracity either.
Using her latest pseudonym "Onsetsnitch", Huber has stepped up her libelous attacks of David Caruso. Just last week, Topix moderators banned Huber's i.p. address from the David Caruso forum. If you find yourself reading a story about David Caruso with a negative spin, you are more than likely reading one planted by his indicted Austrian stalker, Gabriele Huber. The woman is addicted to David Caruso with a very sick love-obsession and the Internet is where she acts out.

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Great summation of this very deranged individual's profile.

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