Sunday, March 30, 2008

David Caruso - Stalker's Cover Implodes

Last November, when this article first appeared in The National Enquirer it was buried deeply on page fifty of the magazine. With the exception of a few Caruso bloggers and fans, no one gave it much notice. After all, to have acknowledged the article would have meant admitting that you had read The National Enquirer. At the time, no one was willing to do that including myself. I remember being in an airport when this issue hit the news stands wondering how I was going to purchase it and not be seen doing so. Never mind the fact that airports are full of total strangers, I simply could not be seen buying The National Enquirer. But I did.

This article in its entirety was originally posted by Dojo on Digg's site. It reports what has been written here many times about Caruso's Austrian stalker being arrested and detained for stalking and threatening the actor. The identity of the stalker according to this article is "Gabriele Huber." And why should anyone doubt that?

As the months since November have worn on, the basic facts of the NE story have proven to be quite accurate. One thing too has become quite clear, mention the name "Gabriele Huber" in reference to the stalker and Huber's back immediately goes up. Huber becomes very defensive extolling a gamut of excuses why this is not the stalker's true identity. After Huber reportedly googled her own name, she reasoned that she could not possibly be "Gabriele Huber" because her own search had produced multi-thousands of occurrences. Come again? Huber further claimed that only she, along with Caruso's close inner circle, has knowledge of the stalker's "actual identity." Don't make me laugh.

While not denying that The National Enquirer has its faults, perhaps we shouldn't be so quick to cast it off as being inaccurate either. After all, the article correctly named the other closely involved parties including Caruso, Liza Marquez, their children and Huber's lawyer, Gunther Gast. Are we then to believe the stalker's claims that the National Enquirer failed to correctly identify ONLY her? In Austria as well, The Chronik, also reported the stalker's name as Gabriele Huber. However, the stalker clearly wants to dupe readers into believing that both The Chronik and The National Enquirer have incorrectly identified her.

I find it rather amusing when Gabriele suggests that the Internet public should only believe what she touts as the truth. That includes of course any defamatory and slanderous remarks that she chooses to splash all over fan sites, blogs and Boards about David Caruso. And when Gabriele denies that something written about her is true, are we supposed to blindly take HER word for it?

I think not and more importantly, I will not. The National Enquirer hit the nail on the head with this story and I am going with it. Admittedly, I would not have taken this position last November. As far as I am concerned, until verifiable evidence to the contrary surfaces, Gabriele Huber has been identified as David Caruso's stalker and that is how this blog will refer to her in forthcoming articles.

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