Wednesday, February 6, 2008

David Caruso's Stalker Continues Attacks on Liza

When will it ever end or more importantly, will it end? Caruso's Austrian stalker continues her verbal attacks of his companion, Liza Marquez claiming "David Caruso dumped Liza for an attractive Miami Nightclub Executive". Without one shred of evidence, Schnitzer/Huber aka Vixen and multiple other usernames, continues her non-stop 24/7 efforts to smear David Caruso in the eyes of his fans. Even his companion and two year old toddler are not immune to the stalker's vitriol.

Nearly three months ago, Schnitzer/Huber planted a rumor of Caruso's alleged infidelity on the Internet with an Austrian tabloid service. Here in the States, the National Enquirer took the bait and published the trash in their rag. Other yellow journalistic publications followed suit. The stalker used every possible opportunity to attack Liza Marquez disparaging her looks, her ethnicity and the fact that she had deigned to go shopping alone with her new infant.

Following the Christmas holidays, eyewitness accounts were posted on fan boards by people who had ACTUALLY seen Caruso and Marquez shopping in South Beach on Xmas Eve. In spite of these accounts, the Austrian stalker ignored hard evidence and continued her relentless pursuit to destroy Caruso and Marquezs' reputations. There was only one problem: the rumor she first started and tried to breath life into NEVER took off.

As of today, February 6, 2007, no reputable media outlet has even mentioned anything about this and it is expected that none will do so. To use the stalker's own words, the whole "sordid affair" turned out to be just another fabrication hatched by a severely disturbed cyber-stalker.

It's high time to put this one to rest Vixen. No one believes it with the exception of you.

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Jester said...

and you Cole, and you Alexx55, and you and you and you...............

There is medication available for this.

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