Monday, February 4, 2008

Stalker Libels Caruso

Back in December, it was widely reported that David Caruso and other CSI: Miami cast members would participate in the Chix With Stix pool tournament Jan. 18-20, 2008 in Charleston, South Carolina. All proceeds would benefit Ovarian Cancer Research. For whatever reason though, Caruso and his fellow cast members ended up not attending.

Speculation surrounding the reasons that the CSI: Miami contingent did not attend has been posted on literally hundreds of Internet forums and sites predominantly by one person, Heidiemarie Schnitzer, Caruso's indicted Austrian stalker. Upon learning of the Chix with Stix development, Caruso's Stalker beat a path to her laptop flooding various Internet sites and forums with salacious rumors that Caruso "canceled the event." Schnitzer, who uses multiple usernames to disguise her true identity on the Internet, recently posted the following libelous statement on the IMDb David Caruso forum. Posting as "sks97" Schnitzer leaves no doubt in the casual observer's mind who she thinks is responsible for the canceled appearance:

"David Caruso always likes to PRETEND that he is a very charitable person. However, cancelling a fundraiser for Ovarian Cancer Research for no aparent reason doesn't look too charitable, right?"

When another poster "LindyCindy" questioned her about her accusation, Schnitzer (sks97) became indignant and responded:


Reliable and reputable sources have NEVER reported that Caruso canceled the appearances by himself and his fellow cast members. Reports to the contrary are merely libelous allegations by a very, very ill celebrity stalker who uses this site and the entire Internet to wage her hate campaign against David Caruso.

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