Thursday, February 7, 2008

David Caruso & Chix with Stix Fundraiser - The Truth

For several weeks now, Caruso's Austrian stalker has been flooding forums and boards with rumors and innuendo concerning Caruso's alleged non-appearance at the Chix with Stix event held last month. The stalker has even gone so far as to accuse Caruso of single-handedly canceling the event. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

After several e-mails and a phone call with a well-placed insider, I am happy to report that the Chix with Stix event took place as scheduled Jan. 18 and Jan. 19, 2008 in Charleston, South Carolina. According to a very well-informed source, no television celebrities from CSI: Miami or any other show attended.

Why? My source explained that one of the event planners is also a cancer survivor herself. Due to a recurrence of the disease, it was decided that the Event would go forward without the attendance of multiple television celebrities. Chix with Stix had already received commitments from over 20 billiard celebrities who had agreed to attend and play in the tournament. With the recurrence issue involving one of the main event planners, it was decided that the Event could go forward with celebrities from the billiards world. To have planned, arranged and executed an event with multiple television personalities was far more than this person was able to handle given the health set-back.

The Chix with Stix event was "packed" according to one e-mail that I received and it was a huge success. Congratulations to everyone involved in the planning of this wonderful event which benefited wonderful charities.

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Jester said...

A great example of actually bothering to discover the TRUTH! Thanks so much. And great work!

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