Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Globe's Stalker Article Creates Name Confusion

The March 16, 2009 edition of The Globe has a story about the capture of David Caruso's fugitive Austrian stalker. At this time, there is no on-line link and as they say on television, it's available on news stands.

Instead of referring to the stalker by her real name, Heidemarie Schnitzer, The Globe made an editorial decision to refer to Heidemarie Schnitzer by the name "Gabriele Huber." Due to Austria's alleged strict privacy laws that shield the name of the accused until conviction, Huber is a name that was used by some Austrian publications when Schnitzer first fled to Mexico in 2007. In fact, The Stalker Chronicles also referred to Schnitzer as "Gabriele Huber" when this blog was initially launched until we were able to confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt that her legal name is Heidemarie Schnitzer. When David Caruso's stalker was captured by the Tijuana police nearly three weeks ago Mexican papers reported her real name, Heidemarie Schnitzer.

Out of an abundance of caution The Globe, which is distributed worldwide, decided not to use the stalker's real name out of fear Schnitzer would bring suit against them for privacy violation. The Globe is acting responsibly in protecting their best interests while at the same time reporting a newsworthy story.

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