Monday, March 9, 2009

David Caruso - Heidemarie's Jailhouse Interview

While Heidemarie Schnitzer was being held in Tijuana, Mexico, she gave an interview to the Austrian magazine News. Schnitzer shows no remorse for her actions and clearly was not coming clean concerning the circumstances surrounding her capture. Claiming she was arrested after her six month tourist visa had expired, Schnitzer simply tries to shrug off the seriousness of the charges against her hoping she will receive a light sentence. And by the way, Schnitzer was in Mexico from April 2008 thru February 2009, ten months according to our calculations so the six month tourist visa story doesn't hold water.

As every major news service across the globe has reported, Tijuana Police arrested Schnitzer after receiving tips forwarded to them by The Stalker Chronicles. Schnitzer cannot even tell the truth while incarcerated. Additionally, our sources in Mexico have confirmed that Schnitzer has been transferred to Mexico City where she is awaiting deportation. Our thanks to Thomas Hochwarter of the Austrian Times for summarizing her interview in English. Here it is in its entirety:

CSI star stalker hopes to get away with it

By Thomas Hochwarter
The deranged Austrian woman who threatened to kill CSI: Miami star David Caruso said she is "kind of relieved" now that she had been arrested.Austrian magazine "News" interviewed Heidemarie Schnitzer, who has been on the run for months since she was accused of sending the 53-year-old actor more than 100 sinister letters.In the interview, Schnitzer admits she is hoping for a mild sentence. She said: "I expect a light sentence because in the end nothing happened."The Tyrolean is currently being detained in a prison in Tijuana, Mexico, where she is waiting to be extradited to Austria. In her home country, the 42-year-old blonde will face up to three years in jail under Austria's new anti-stalking laws.Asked about how tense the last few months had been for her, Schnitzer said: "I wasn’t really on the run. I had a tourist visa for six months that simply expired in the end. I was arrested in a random traffic check (two weeks ago)."The cops realised there was an international warrant for the woman and arrested her.She said: "I learned my lesson. But I continued to watch CSI when it was on Mexican TV."In one letter, Schnitzer threatened: "I’m going to kill you and your butt-ugly Latina whore (…) that fat-assed bimbo (…) an offense to your whole fan base. It’ll take some time – but I’ll find you."My letters were a stupid joke. I wanted to make something special, something others don’t do."


Astraea said...

Considering I have absolutely no faith whatsoever in the Austrian legal system - she probably will get a light sentence.

Haven't we already heard as much? Fifteen months is what I've read and out sooner for time served.

I really hope David's attorney's are watching this whole circus carefully. She'll be back and as sick as she ever was!

The Austria government could care less what she does.

Sara said...

And HALF of the fifteen months could be served as probation. What a travesty! I fully expect once she's paid her dues to society and is released, she will be back on-line within hours, unless a condition of her probation is to stay off the Internet. With all of her pseudonyms, I don't see how any parole officer would be able to monitor her.

So the sad story is David Caruso and his family will have a brief respite from this mentally unbalanced woman's tirade.As soon as she is released from prison, it will start up once again. And as long as Schnitzer remains under the legal radar, her Caruso hate campaign will resume where it left off on Feb. 19, 2009.

Lindy said...

Yes, I suspect you are correct unfortunately Sara. Still, most important is the safety of David Caruso and his loved ones. And That, we hope. will be a longer term effect.

Sara said...

You're right Lindy. I don't see Schnitzer threatening Caruso and his family in the future. What I fear is she will resist rehabilitation and all of our efforts and those of the Austrian taxpayers will be for naught. Her denigration of David Caruso will continue unabated because it's not illegal to blast someone on the Internet unless you libel them. She'll find a loophole, you can bet your bottom dollar on it.

Lindy said...

I would lay a bet but the odds are too short; 50:1 ON!

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