Tuesday, February 10, 2009

David Caruso - Stalker's Tongue Slip

Usually when it's pointed out that David Caruso's fugitive Austrian stalker has slipped up grammatically, she immediately beats a path back to the forum and edits her offending comment even when the error has already been published for the Internet to see. This time however, Schnitzer wasn't so lucky and she was not able to correct the following slip of tongue she left on the KSleeze site:

Vixen [pseudonym for Heidemarie Schnitzer] said...
...You know, I have a theory. I think resident nutcase sara just can't stop being a bitch, because if she wouldn't obsess over me and that Schnitzer-woman WHAT would she have left?...
February 7, 2009 9:58 AM

"Over me?" Who exactly is "me?" Whenever The Stalker Chronicles refers to Vixen we identify that name as a pseudonym for Heidemarie Schnitzer, Gabriele Huber or David Caruso's stalker. We do not direct our comments to Vixen without first identifying her as Heidemarie Schnitzer. The same holds true for all of her other pseudonyms especially Schnitzer's "Dixiebabe" on IMDb.

So the question begs, who is Schnitzer referring to when she says "obsess over me?" The answer is abundantly clear. Schnitzer slipped up, accidentally referred to herself and failed to correct it before she hit submit. At that point, it was too late. Schnitzer had absolutely no recourse to edit the comment and it stands as published. Oooops!

Guess she figured no one would notice as well. Since Schnitzer left this comment during the morning hours, she probably hadn't had enough coffee and tamales to think straight, much less promote her interminable subterfuge. We await the denials of outrage. Ouch!

Heidemarie Schnitzer remains at large on Mexico's Baja peninsula wanted on an International Warrant for threatening to murder CSI Miami's David Caruso and for fleeing Austria to avoid prosecution thereof. Schnitzer is armed and considered to be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt to apprehend this woman. Contact the U.S. Border Patrol at 1-800-232-5378 , the FBI at (310) 477-6565 or Austria's Bundeskriminalamt at +43-(0)1-531 26-0.

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