Monday, October 27, 2008

David Caruso - Mexico Alert: Is This Woman Working In Your Home?

Two days ago we reported that Heidemarie Schnitzer, David Caruso's fugitive Austrian stalker, may be hiding out closer to Rosarito, Mexico than previously thought. Tips from locals are theorizing that Schnitzer may have become employed as a domestic in the area and conceivably could be entrusted with the care of children or senior adults. Schnitzer herself has bragged on the now defunct French website Vipix that she was residing at the home of a doctor. At the time, we took this with a grain of salt knowing truth not to be one of Schnitzer's virtues.

For those of us who have followed the developments of this bizarre story, the thought of Schnitzer, who reportedly has abandoned two children of her own, having responsibility for the well-being of others particularly children or incapacitated senior citizens is beyond comprehension. Sadly, the evidence bears this out.

Schnitzer's unlimited Internet access at all hours of the day and night is not typical of someone with conventional nine to five employment. Much like the schedule she kept prior to her flight to avoid prosecution, Schnitzer is on the Internet most of her waking hours. In fact, at 12:45 a.m. today, Schnitzer was actively promoting her hate Caruso propaganda on one well-known website.

Realizing she had an April 2008 court date with Judge Guenther Boehler in Innsbruck, Schnitzer had ample time and motive to plan for life on the lam. She knew she would need a job once she got to Mexico preferably one that would provide a roof over her head with unlimited Internet access and three square meals a day. To have any chance at this type of work, Schnitzer would have to pass a background check. If Schnitzer had waited to flee Austria following the court hearing, she ran the risk of not passing a background investigation as one would have revealed a warrant for her arrest. Without any formal charges pending though, Schnitzer could and probably did sail through any required background check.

When Schnitzer first arrived in Mexico and prior to settling into her current employment, it appears she worked in the Zona Norte area to make ends meet. Now with a job working as a nanny, elder-care giver or domestic, Schnitzer has found the perfect cover for herself and her crimes. Working safely ensconced in someone's home provides all of Schnitzer's creature comforts while limiting her exposure to the outside world thereby preventing her capture.

The Stalker Chronicles remains dedicated to its mission to see that this woman is brought to justice. We continue to work very hard behind the scenes to get this story out. If anyone knows of a family in Mexico with a caregiver matching the description of Heidemarie Schnitzer, please report your suspicions to authorities immediately.

Heidemarie Schnitzer remains a fugitive hiding out in Mexico near Tijuana, Ensenada and Rosarito. Schnitzer is armed and considered to be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt to apprehend this woman. Contact the U.S. Border Patrol at 1-800-232-5378 , the FBI at (310) 477-6565 or Austria's Bundeskriminalamt at +43-(0)1-531 26-0.

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