Tuesday, October 28, 2008

David Caruso - Austrian Press Report Confirms Stalker In Mexico

The Associated Press is reporting today that Austrian Judge Guenther Boehler has issued an international warrant for Heidemarie Schnitzer's arrest. In addition, the following
article from an on-line Austrian news service confirms what most have known for months: Heidemarie Schnitzer has fled to Mexico where she remains in hiding avoiding execution of a European arrest warrant issued when she failed to appear in court to answer to charges of stalking and mailing death threats. In recent weeks, concerns have been raised that Schnitzer may be employed as a caregiver in a private home in Mexico which would account for her 24/7 Internet access. Schnitzer's employer and/or employers may not realize that they have a fugitive under their roof. More frightening is the fact that Schnitzer may be responsible for the care of either young children or an elderly person.

Schnitzer is thought to be in hiding in the Baja, California area possibly in and around Rosarito. If anyone sees a woman matching this description, please contact authorities immediately. As the article states, Schnitzer has been diagnosed with a "serious personality disorder" with the potential for becoming dangerous.

Heidemarie Schnitzer remains a fugitive hiding out in Mexico near Tijuana, Ensenada and Rosarito. Schnitzer is armed and considered to be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt to apprehend this woman. Contact the U.S. Border Patrol at 1-800-232-5378 , the FBI at (310) 477-6565 or Austria's Bundeskriminalamt at +43-(0)1-531 26-0.


I Like to Watch TV said...

I thought of you right away when I saw this press release. Maybe now they are finally getting serious about pursuing the matter!

Sara said...

Let's hope so. Many thanks to Judge Boehler for giving the Mexican government something to work with.

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