Wednesday, July 16, 2008

David Caruso - Hitler's Homeland Can't Locate Heidi Schnitzer

Austria's Bundeskrinimilamt has failed David Caruso and the U.S. FBI. Looking over the facts of this case, maybe it was their plan all along simply to pay lip service in the name of maintaining good diplomatic relations with the United States. Austria's law enforcement officials appear to have washed their hands of the David Caruso stalking matter involving one of their own, Heidi Schnitzer. Today marks three months post trial since Schnitzer fled to avoid prosecution. Schnitzer has become yet another outlaw taking refuge in Tijuana, Mexico.

Sources close to this story now confirm that the FBI sought the assistance of the Austrian government after CBS Studios requested their help after receiving Schnitzer's now famous death threat letter. Austria went through the motions, filed charges, scheduled a hearing, then allowed Schnitzer to escape, asked the FBI to help track her down and ultimately set a trial date only to allow Schnitzer to escape again. The Austrians have refused to release a photo of the woman citing privacy laws enacted to protect the suspect. Their most blatant lapse though came in failing to force Schnitzer to surrender her passport following her capture by the FBI in September 2007. Looking back, this was all probably by design.

Recall too that this is the same government who for 24 years enabled the likes of Josef Fritzl to rape and hold his own daughter hostage in a cellar. The Austrians have held true to this "look the other way" mentality in the David Caruso matter as well. Turning a blind eye and wishing the the case would quietly go away, it appears that the Austrians got exactly what they wanted. Schnitzer is now out of their jurisdiction and some Austrian circles are probably breathing a sigh of relief.

Keeping this story alive has now become the job of Internet bloggers such as Dojo and myself. We are more than happy to accommodate the overworked Austrians so they can focus their attention on taking another 24 years to capture another madman or madwoman.

In the meantime, Schnitzer may be attempting to illegally enter the U.S. to carry out her death threat against David Caruso and his family. Schnitzer wants nothing more than to insure that Caruso follows in the footsteps of his CSI Miami character, Horatio Caine who was shot at the end of Season 6. Is that what it will take for the Austrians to wake up and take notice? Probably.


Corpuschristie said...

It's not really surprising that the Austrian police simply let her waltz out of the country. They also hide war criminals so justice clearly is not high on their agenda.
Still, the demented one can't hide forever. Judging by her recent behaviour she's likely to implode anytime soon.

Sara said...

Her current Internet rampage reminds me of the first Gulf War. Retreating in defeat, the Iraquis set fire to as many Kuwaiti oil wells as possible. Heidi is trying to leave her mark knowing that her days are numbered. The Austrians "look the other way" attitude is a very sad commentary. When another government finally captures and deports her, I wonder if the Austrians will take her back!

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