Tuesday, June 3, 2008

David Caruso - The Evil Twin Stalkers

When it comes to Gabriele Huber, the shock value of both her on and off-line activities has ceased to amaze. Easily recognizable, any regular CSI Miami/David Caruso fan can spot Huber and her ruse a mile away. Threatening to murder three people, making pornographic comments about a two year-old and running from the law are all in a day's work for Gabriele. What is shocking is why anyone would want to imitate such depravity?

In the last few days, IMDb's "Sargent465" has been hanging out on Vipix posting as "Lisa." We were just a little more than surprised to learn that Huber's protege has raised the bar when it comes to duplicity. Much like her beloved mentor, whenever "Lisa" is exposed, her expressions of outrage actually exceed the levels of those of her evil twin Gabriele. The question again begs, why would anyone want to fashion themselves after a criminally psychotic celebrity stalker?

As she does on IMDb, "sargent465/Lisa" defends Huber's multiple Vipix aliases (Vixen, Anonymous, Anon, etc.) against exposure for who and what they really are. But "Sargent465/Lisa" apparently does not want to hear WHAT she does not want to hear. She cannot and will not accept the fact that her BFF (Vixen and Dixiebabe) is none other than David Caruso's fugitive stalker. Mention that Gabriele Huber is Caruso's stalker and "Sargent465/Lisa" immediately comes running to Huber's defense with screaming claims of "there is no proof." However, when asked what proof "Sargent465/Lisa" possesses that Gabriele is NOT the stalker and "Sargent465/Lisa" changes the subject refusing to provide an answer. Hmmmmmm, does any of this sound familiar?

In spite of her all out effort to become Gabriele Huber II, "sargent465/Lisa" remains an inferior, low-life imitation. If it's possible, "Sargent465/Lisa" is dimmer than Gabriele; that being a feat not easily accomplished. A couple of months ago, "Sargent465/Lisa" made an empty threat on-line about contacting a solicitor for the express purpose of taking legal action against this blog and its author for falsely accusing her screen name of being Gabriele Huber. I am honestly trying not to laugh as I write this but the half-baked Sarge stated that she was going to have this blog closed down along with my "IT provider." As for an "IT Provider," I don't have one. I do, however, have an ISP.

I cannot even fathom that someone would post such a baseless claim revealing not only their total stupidity but any grasp of the basic tenets of a legal system. If you were to buy into "Sargent465/lisas' " threat, one would have to believe that an international court ("Sarge" hails from the U.K.) would hear a lawsuit the gravamen of which would be a claim that the defendant's screen name injured the plaintiff's screen name to plaintiff's detriment. For months now, I have been shaking in my boots waiting for the process server to arrive unannounced with suit papers in tow.

And damn, that man or woman must have gotten lost because no one has ever shown! I was especially interested in learning what damages "Sarge" was going to claim to have suffered when, as she asserts, her screen name was falsely accused of being Gabriele Huber. Although I am not sure what the statute of limitations is on a claim of this nature, if it runs, Sarge's capable solicitor surely can argue that it be tolled. In the meantime, cert denied.

Gabriele Huber remains at large wanted for threatening to murder David Caruso. She is armed and considered to be extremely dangerous. Do not attempt to apprehend this woman. Contact your local FBI or Austria's Bundeskriminalamt at +43-(0)1-531 26-0.

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Anonymous said...

Sara--you are a very smart woman, but somewhat naive. Sargent465 IS the stalker. No twinsies here.

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