Tuesday, May 20, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber-The Name She Doesn't Want You to Know.

Note:  By law, the Austrian press could not disclose the name Heidemarie Schnitzer until conviction.  Instead, they referred to her as "Gabriele Huber."

Last November, Don Gentile ran his now famous National Enquirer article identifying Gabriele Huber as David Caruso's Austrian stalker. The article came and went with very little fanfare, especially from Gabriele. One month later though, when Gentile published another article suggesting there was a rift between David Caruso and Liza Marquez, Huber went to town with that one posting it all over the Internet along with her slanderous comments and innuendos about Caruso's personal life. Huber literally flooded Boards and forums with copies of the negative article along with her vicious comments about Caruso and Liza Marquezes' relationship.

So, why did Gabriele downplay the article about herself? An article she was not only the subject of but one published by her beloved author Don Gentile in an information source that Gabriele considers her Bible, The National Enquirer. Why? Because the article more than likely exposed her true identity. Go on any CSI Miami Board, Forum or fan site now, mention the name "Gabriele Huber" and you will be met with all sorts of outrage by none other than Gabriele herself. Each and every time this name is mentioned Huber, posting under multiple pseudonyms, will deny that she is Gabriele and ask, "Who is Gabriele?"
If, as she claims, she is not Gabriele, why all the interest on her part and the compelling need to respond to comments about Gabriele Huber. Last summer, when another blogger suggested that Gabriele's name was something else, Huber's responses were essentially identical. Responding in outrage, she always claimed that was not her name either . The difference now however is that the name "Gabriele Huber" has been published by two news sources, one being an Austrian magazine, The Chronik, published by the Austrian paper, Tirol.

Did the Austrian news magazine, The Chronik, fail to shield Gabriele's identity as required by Austria's arcane privacy laws? This appears to be a probability. Most normal people on the Internet wouldn't even bother to respond if they were being labeled a name that was not theirs. Not Gabriele though. She promptly posts a denial each and every time someone uses this name.

Hit a nerve Gabriele? For someone claiming not to be Gabriele, your denials are a little over the top don't you think. Could the fact that Gabriele's real identity was disclosed prior to her trial be the reason she fled? So many questions and so few answers. For the time being at least. In all good time, we will all know the truth.

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Jester said...

And all of this over an autograph and a "no thank you ma'am". Heaven help her with a real life drama. But of course, if one isolates ones' self from the world and lives on TV only, then this becomes the only reality, the rest of the world mere objects, faceless names that can be abused at will.

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