Sunday, April 27, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele's Psychiatrist and Attorney

This is a plea to Gabriele Huber's court appointed psychiatrist and attorney, the honorable Drs. Karin Treichl and Gunther Gast: please reign in your client, Gabriele Huber, who remains a fugitive from justice for stalking and threatening to murder David Caruso. While in hiding, your client continues to slander and libel Mr. Caruso from her laptop. Huber's hits on this site alone arrive multiple times a day from various proxy servers in a failed bid to disguise herself.

Please visit the following sites to see your client, Gabriele Huber in all her depravity. Evidence of this woman's "profound personality disorder" is readily accessible for use in any court proceeding. Following each link is a list of known pseudonyms Huber uses to post comments: "Vixen," "Anonymous," "Charles," "Eva," "Christina," "Sarahmarie," "Dixiebabe," "CSI Mfan," "Miamilover," "Puppeteer," "SKS97," and most other names that bash David Caruso "Vixen" and "Anonymous" "Horatiolover," "Southernbelle98," and "Natsim" "DavidCaruso" and "DiamondsandHearts" "KillerQueen," "StealthQueen," "Mermaid7," "CrazyRabbit," "QueenBitch2die4," and "Cole"
Should you require additional resources to aid in locating your client, please e-mail the blogowner.

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