Monday, April 6, 2009

David Caruso - Interview With Dr. Karin Treichl

Pre-trial information for next week's highly anticipated David Caruso stalker trial has been sporadic at best with media accounts varying widely. Forty-eight hours after Schnitzer was extradited to Austria, she was formally arraigned and charged with stalking and sending death threats. At that time, an Innsbruck Court determined that Schnitzer would remain incarcerated until time of trial as she posed a flight risk after twice failing to appear and ultimately fleeing the jurisdiction for Mexico.

Most media outlets also reported that Schnitzer would undergo another extensive psychiatric evaluation prior to her trial. Not true according to Dr. Karin Treichl. In a recent telephone interview with Austrian crime blogger Marcus J. Oswald, Dr. Treichl explained that the Court will rely on her initial evaluation.

In 2007 Dr. Karin Treichl, court-appointed psychiatrist for David Caruso's stalker, conducted an extensive evaluation of Heidemarie Schnitzer meeting with her personally on several occasions. Dr. Treichl concluded that Schnitzer was suffering from a "profound personality disorder" and further noted that Schnitzer had the potential for turning deadly at a moment's notice.

On April 14, 2009 Schnitzer will have her long awaited day in Court. Following testimony, Judge Guenther Boehler will sentence Schnitzer according to court spokesman Dr. Wilfried Siegle. The charges of stalking and threatening to murder carry a maximum penalty of three years. Sentencing will be made public and we fully expect a media frenzy surrounding the rendering of the Court's verdict.


Anonymous said...

Shucks! Too bad I am too busy to be there. But I'll be rootin' for ya Heidi! The longer sentence the better for you! Free accommodation, free food, free activities... all good!

Sara said...

Just as long as those free activities don't include free Internet access. Much like an alcoholic, Schnitzer allowed herself to become an Internet addict and the withdrawal has probably been excruciating. I really don't know how next week's trial will end in terms of a verdict, but we can all regrettably rest assured that Schnitzer will at some point return with a vengeance to the Internet.

Lindy said...

So we best enjoy this moment!

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