Sunday, January 25, 2009

David Caruso - Stalker Fled Leaving Both Children Behind

Last August, an Austrian blog reported that David Caruso's fugitive Austrian stalker Heidemarie Schnitzer was the "Mutter von zwei Kindern." Translated this means "Mother of two children". Later in this same blog, the author stated when Schnitzer fled to avoid prosecution, she "lieƟ ihre beiden Kinder in Tirol." Translated this means when Schnitzer fled Austria "she left both children behind in Tirol." Last week here at The Stalker Chronicles, we took a closer look at this photo. And although it could be a pure coincidence, the young boy in this photo bears a striking resemblance to Christian Putzer, the father of Katharina Sophie, Heidemarie's daughter. Are the children pictured above brother and sister?

It's unimaginable that Schnitzer would abandon even one child, much less two to hunt down David Caruso and follow through with her murder threats. If what we suspect is true and this young boy is Schnitzer's other child, who is caring for him and his sister while their mentally unbalanced Mother gallivants around Mexico's Baja peninsula trying to avoid capture by Mexican authorities? Sadly, Schnitzer's behavior is similar to that of the late Margaret Mary Ray, David Letterman's stalker. Ray too had children that she abandoned to pursue stalking David Letterman.

Moreover, how terribly pathetic for Schnitzer's two children who are now old enough to use a computer and access the Internet. They have more than likely googled Schnitzer's name and if they haven't, surely their friends have. How dejected these children must have felt when they learned their own Mother had vanished from their lives after criminally stalking and threatening to end the lives of three people. Schnitzer clearly had no concerns for the well-being of her children when she chose this path. With a diagnosis of "severe personality disorder" nothing Schnitzer does anymore has any element of surprise.

Heidemarie Schnitzer remains at large on Mexico's Baja peninsula wanted on an International Warrant for threatening to murder CSI Miami's David Caruso and for fleeing Austria to avoid prosecution thereof. Schnitzer is armed and considered to be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt to apprehend this woman. Contact the U.S. Border Patrol at 1-800-232-5378 , the FBI at (310) 477-6565 or Austria's Bundeskriminalamt at +43-(0)1-531 26-0.

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