Sunday, January 11, 2009

David Caruso - Schnitzer's Capture Must Be a Two-Fisted Approach

On October 28, 2008, Austria's Judge Guenther Boehler took the necessary steps to bring Heidemarie Schnitzer's capture a thing of reality by modifying his previously issued warrant for the stalker's arrest. With a new warrant in place, tracking down Schnitzer took on an international significance and a global manhunt ensued. Although most experts agree that Schnitzer remains in hiding on Mexico's Baja peninsula, the Mexican government has been moving on this matter more slowly than first thought. Extensive international cooperation is therefore needed to avert a tragedy when Schnitzer turns deadly and follows through with her threats against Caruso and Latin Americans.

It's high time for both Mexico and Austria to coordinate forces and share information in an all out effort to bring closure to this matter. Issuing an international warrant in and of itself is nothing more than window dressing. Without any follow-up on the part of Innsbruck's Provincial Court, why would Mexico feel any sense of urgency to expend resources to capture Schnitzer?

Dr. Maria Berger, Austria's Minister of Justice has proposed stricter laws for those charged and convicted of stalking. Dr. Berger needs to make Heidemarie Schnitzer's capture priority one and coordinate her government's efforts with Mexico's Attorney General, Eduardo Medina Mora pictured above. During Senor Mora's administration 196 fugitives have been handed over for extradition to foreign governments. Mora is on the record stating that he will not allow Mexico to become a refuge for fugitives from justice.

If Schnitzer continues to be ignored and allowed to remain at large, lives hang in the balance. As Dr. Karin Treichl has stated, Schnitzer has the potential for becoming dangerous. And when Schnitzer acts as it is predicted she will, a tragedy is certain. Will Schnitzer end up murdering Caruso, his daughter and Liza Marquez as she has threatened or will one or more Mexican citizens end up losing their lives?

It's up to Dr. Maria Berger and Senor Eduardo Medina Mora to insure that this does not happen.

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