Thursday, February 5, 2009

David Caruso - Schizophrenic Schnitzer Denies Children Are Hers

UPDATE: Within minutes of publishing this post, Heidemarie Schnitzer read our blog and immediately beat a path to IMDb to correct her grammatical errors. We stand by the quote below as originally published. Schnitzer's IMDb post which she corrected is now noted as "updated."

More evidence of Heidemarie Schnitzer's schizophrenia for Dr. Karin Treichl and Austria's Children's Protective Services. The voices in the head of David Caruso's fugitive Austrian stalker continue disavowing she abandoned two children. After we posted a link on IMDb to the above photo, Schnitzer posted the following grammatically challenged denial:

Ahem, Is it just me or do I fail so any names attached to the picture? You know names as in confirmation/proof? Whoever this people are....sweet cheeks, you really have to do BETTER than that.Still begging for information? Still hallucinating? What ELSE is new?

posted by "Dixiebabe" pseudonym for Heidemarie Schnitzer

How sad that Schnitzer's two children are old enough now to not only access the Internet but regrettably read and comprehend the depth of their mother's insanity. No other celebrity stalkers to date, including David Letterman's stalker Margaret Mary Ray, have ever used the Internet to further their criminal pursuits and more importantly, to deny the existence of their own flesh and blood children.

Heidemarie Schnitzer remains at large on Mexico's Baja peninsula wanted on an International Warrant for threatening to murder CSI Miami's David Caruso and for fleeing Austria to avoid prosecution thereof. Schnitzer is armed and considered to be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt to apprehend this woman. Contact the U.S. Border Patrol at 1-800-232-5378 , the FBI at (310) 477-6565 or Austria's Bundeskriminalamt at +43-(0)1-531 26-0

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